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Do you Leverage "Social Business"?


Social Media Marketing Video

Social Media

Customers in today’s hyper-real-time transparent world want to engage with businesses whose employees are authentic, accessible and not hidden behind a corporate veil. Employees throughout the enterprise collectively are the new marketing department. 

Human Resources knows the value of employees across the organization chart. Sales people, engineers, implementation consultants, technical support, IT staff, finance, production staff, they all have insights into your business that are extremely valuable to your social media marketing strategy. When your employees participate in social media externally and internally, it creates a win-win opportunity for them to increase their personal brand while increasing your company’s online brand and social reach.


From Social Media Marketing to Social Business

The culture of the modern business is very different than the business culture in the 1990s or the first decade of the new millennium. We live in an open, social media culture. The lines are blurred between work and personal. When a social business culture is in the DNA of your organization, you’ll be more transparent, enjoy increased brand awareness and other positive business outcomes including attracting new employees, new leads and sales opportunities.

An employee that willingly and enthusiastically shares your content online contributes to your social marketing efforts, while also contributing to his or her personal brand.

The culture of social media should be ingrained into the DNA of your business. Embracing employees across the enterprise in your social media marketing plan is critical to form credible online relationships. Employees across all departments have subject matter expertise which can help your company expand your social reach, develop trust, thought leadership and valuable relationships with influencers and customers.


The Road to a Social Business

It takes time to become a social business and the path to get there starts with executive support. The C-Suite needs to embrace a social business strategy in order to inspire employee participation. Inviting employees to build their personal brand through content and social media engagement that supports your business goals can be a paradigm shift. Identifying people in your organization that will embrace becoming a social business is a key early step. When employees become “influencers” that is a watershed milestone in becoming a social business with tangible business benefits.


Make Knowledge, Training & Support Your Path To Social Business

The path from social media to social business begins with knowledge. Knowledge comes from training and willingness to learn the reasons to become a social business. The insight that employees throughout the enterprise collectively are the new marketing department, is an insight that enables a social business to thrive. Customers in today’s hyper-real-time, transparent world want to engage with businesses whose employees are authentic, accessible and not hidden behind a corporate veil.

Contact us to learn our three step process to help get your organization on the road to becoming a social business.